Fitness Equipments

Fitness Equipments

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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Fitness, comfort and entertainment. Bring home your own spa with the hi-tech Merlin Zero Gravity Ma..

AED 10,065.00

Wireless Health Scale

The first step for a healthier lifestyle The Merlin Wireless Health Scale is no ordinary weighing sc..

AED 349.00

Tumbler Massager

Innovative Massager Inspired by the Joy of Dance An innovatively designed on-the-go personal massag..

AED 60.00

SRT-3 Q-Link Pendant

Sleek and chic, with a dual-tone design, this beveled-edge triangle has two distinct sides, each mak..

AED 459.00

SRT-2 Q-Link Pendant

Simply worn and combining ease of use and utility, the Classic Q-Link is our most affordable pendant..

AED 183.00

Q-Link Nimbus

Q Link Nimbus represents the latest generation of Scientifically Validated ‘Active’ Q-Link SRT produ..

AED 780.00

Q-Link Clear

EMF radiation surrounds us in our daily life. Cell phones are one of the worst offenders, considerin..

AED 459.00

Heart Rate Monitor

Gain Control Over Your Workout Merlin’s Heart Rate Monitor straps around your chest and relays its ..

AED 249.00

Foot Massager

Give your tired and aching feet a treat Foot reflexology is the stimulating of specific areas of t..

AED 635.00

Eye Massager Premium

Bring comfort and tranquility to your eyes ! Adopting intelligent air pressure, multi-frequency vib..

AED 440.00

BrainWave Head Massager Lite

Revitalize Your Mind The Merlin Brainwave Head Massager Lite is equipped with additional massage no..

AED 415.00

Brainwave Eye & Head Massager

Revive and revitalize your senses Merlin's Brainwave Eye & Head Massager adopts air pressure, vibra..

AED 633.00

Bio-Field Enhancer

Power of Tourmaline. Natural Negative Ion Generator Wear the Merlin Bio Energy Pendant on a chain o..

AED 193.00

Sit N Cycle -45%

Sit N Cycle

·         Portability and compact design makes it usablein..

AED 729.00 AED 399.00